Boba Fett’s Slave I 6209

Boba Fett, Slave I

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LEGO Slave 1

The LEGO Slave I 6209 contains the infamous and deadly bounty hunter ship known as the Slave I. The Slave I is the ship that Boba Fett inherited from his infamous father, Jango Fett upon his death on Geonosis at the hands of the Jedi. The LEGO Star Wars 6209 is a large, circa-Episode V (Empire Strikes Back) themed Slave I containing a staggering 537 pieces. Not all of the pieces are part of the incredibly lethal Slave I, there are also four included LEGO Star Wars figures: LEGO Boba Fett, Han Solo frozen in carbonite, Dengar, IG-88, and a single Bespin Guard. While Dengar and IG-88 are not mentioned in any of the films, Dengar does make a brief cameo in Episode V.

With over 500 pieces, this super-sized version of the Slave I takes time, patience and a little dexterity to assemble. It should thus come as no surprise that the minimum recommended age is 8 instead of 7 as with most other Star Wars LEGOs kits based around the Slave I, but the results of a proper build are amazing. The Slave I’s twin cannons can rotate, the wings can retract and deploy in stunning visual clarity, and the cockpit not only opens but also features a retracting seat for Boba Fett that adjusts itself when the ship lifts off. Of course, there is no rule stating that Dengar or IG-88 could not sneak into the Slave I and make off with one of the most famous ships in Star Wars history, but the chances of the Bespin guard pulling this off would seem to be slim to none. Chances are good that Jabba the Hutt would have rewarded just about anyone for bringing in Han Solo.

Putting the alternate Star Wars timeline aside for a minute, one of the nicer details is the actual inclusion of a rocket launcher that actually works. The detailed compartment for Han Solo is another nice touch, and makes the effort and time associated with assembling this version of the Slave I well worth it. The LEGO Star Wars kit 6209 is not the easiest or quickest Slave I build, but it is easily one of the best LEGO Star Wars kits to have ever been produced to date. The next best thing probably involves a visit to the Skywalker Ranch.

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