Boba Fett

Boba Fett

LEGO Boba Fett

The Star Wars LEGO Boba Fett characters available with the Slave I 7144 and Slave I 6209 sets are examples of the amazing skill of the LEGO designers. Who else could manage to take one of the most lethal and dangerous bounty hunters in the known galaxy and turn him into something that is both cute and still dangerous looking depending on the situation and the perspective of the viewer? The amazing artistic skill is backed by LEGO’s legendary manufacturing skill, and the result is that LEGO Boba Fett was never so much fun to play with.

Instead of simply making Boba Fett a clone of his father’s LEGO character Jango Fett, which might be appropriate given his canonical place in Star Wars lore, LEGO created an entirely new paint scheme for their take on Boba Fett. Clad in gray trousers and a gray tunic that features a slightly more complex green on gray scheme than his father/genetic donor’s dark gray on light gray chest, Boba Fett looks surprisingly like his movie counterpart as far as LEGO characters go. The brown belt and waist may not be the best color match, but the greens are nearly dead-on for his memorable appearances in Star Wars Episodes V and VI, though can be a touch too bright at times. The green elements on Boba Fett’s shirt seem to indicate complex machinery, but only those brave or unfortunate enough to get close to this well known killing machine will ever truly know.

Boba Fett’s custom Mandalorian helmet and bounty hunter jetpack are a single piece affair, and the cute oversized helmet has nice stylistic tweaks that show LEGO’s famous attention to detail. Above the visor is a thin rim of brown trim and a pair of directional arrows facing opposing directions above the junction of the visor elements. The visor elements are further highlighted with brown the fades to black with a pair of reverse arcs on either cheek portion of his well-designed Mandalorian helment. A large black blaster pistol completes the look, and it is not hard to imagine children having hours of fun imagining LEGO Boba Fett blasting away at his enemies as his jetpack carries him up, up, and away.

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