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7153 Jango Fett's Slave I

While Star Wars bounty hunter Jango Fett’s tenure as an onscreen antagonist might have been comparatively short compared to the reign of his son/clone Boba Fett, but he sure did seem to take better care of the Slave I his son/clone would later inhereit. The Slave I, under Jango Fett, was far more than the Firespray 31 prototype with a massive set of Kuat-drives installed, and the LEGO Star Wars version included with LEGO Jango Fett's Slave I 7153 is no different. This version of the legendary Slave I comes complete with retractable wings that are tied directly into the cockpit’s seat. When the wings are deployed, the orientation of the seat inside the cockpit changes.

Weighing in at over 350 pieces, some of which are linked and/or articulate, the LEGO Star Wars 7153 version of the Slave I is a relatively easy to assemble LEGO Star Wars kit. Armed with two rotating blasters, a pair of articulated laser beam cannons, and twin projectile launchers, the Slave I is a formidable craft to say the least. Just imagine assembling the Slave I in much the same way that Jango did after his escape from the asteroid prison Oovo IV. Once complete, just imagine the Slave I flying through asteroid fields in hot pursuit of its prey, or playing a deadly game of cat and mouse in a junk-strewn area of a space littered in the aftermath of the countless climatic battles that form the story of the incomparable Star Wars universe.

The set comes with a young LEGO Boba Fett and a LEGO Jango Fett model for those that cannot get enough of LEGO characters. The Boba Fett has a somewhat angry look to his face, while the Jango Fett model looks cool and competent without its optional headpiece/jetpack unit that can actually be worn by either of the Fetts when their hair has been removed. Both of the Fetts are wonderfully detailed, but it seems that particular care was paid to Jango. This may be due to the relevance of the kit being a circa-Episode II version of the Slave I, but young Boba Fett is also wonderfully detailed.

The Slave I itself appears to be very sleek and clean when fully put together, and its lack of rust or mottled gray colors has much to do with the fact that LEGO is attempting to make the Slave I look as pristine and well maintained as it did during Episode II.

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