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LEGO Slave 1

There are four different LEGO Star Wars sets for the avid bounty hunter fan that build the Slave I Starship: 4487, 7144, 6209, and 7153. Each of these LEGO Star Wars kits contains the incomparable Slave I, and the kits can form a timeline of sorts starting with the Jango Fett's Slave I  7153. The LEGO 7153 is an average size Slave I kit, but it features fully articulated parts and accurate color representation by LEGO standards. The colors on the 7153 Slave I are designed to mimic the Episode II variant of the infamously lethal starship that is often the last thing those running from a Fett get to see.

The 4487 is a much smaller version of the circa-Episode II Slave I and comes with a detailed Jedi Starfighter to duel with. Both craft included in the 4487 are mini-size but the Slave I still retains its telltale folding wings and rotating blaster cannons that make short work of anyone who dares to cross a Fett or happens to have a bounty on their heads. The only question is: To disintegrate or capture alive?

The LEGO Star Wars kit 7144 is a reasonably large version of the circa-Episode V Slave I. The 6209 is a far larger and grander version of the circa-Episode V Slave I, but both come with a carbonite-clad Han Solo and Boba Fett. The Han Solo block of carbonite is simply too cute to pass up, and really changes the mood of the entire situation from one of eternal captivity to one of LEGO-fueled fun and adventure. Additionally, both feature several articulated parts including working cockpits, rotating cannons, and deployable wings. The big difference is that the larger 6209 kit comes with far more pieces and thus produces a more detailed and intricate Slave I than the 7144 kit does. This should not be surprising for LEGO fans considering the fact that more pieces almost always results in longer builds with better final results.

The two Episode V based Slave I kits show a certain lack of care for the Slave I’s exterior. While Star Wars lore lets fans know that Boba did keep the operational aspects of the Slave I up with the times, the exterior gives it the appearance of a muscle-car project that is never quite complete. Given the incredible amount of detail lavished on every aspect of Star Wars by George Lucas, this appears to be intentional and is well replicated by LEGO.

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