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Slave I

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LEGO Slave I 4487

Bounty Hunters. Love ‘em or despise ‘em, they are an inseparable and critical element of the Star Wars universe. LEGO Star Wars kit 4487 includes the 53 individual pieces necessary to not only make Jango Fett’s Slave I starship, but also a Jedi Starfighter. The Save I come with articulated rotating wings, which can be deployed for additional surface control for dog fighting in asteroid belts, just like in Star Wars Episode II. The inclusion of the Jedi Starfighter allows for reenactments of the famous duel above Geonosis, but the big question is: Will the Jedi Starfighter emerge victorious this time, or will the bounty hunter finally prove once and for all that The Force is no match for a good blaster?

The comparatively small amount of pieces included with LEGO Star Wars 4487 is perfect for younger Star Wars fans that do not have the time or patience to assemble larger kits. Fifty-three pieces is not a simple task for some, but should be ideal for anyone 7 or over. Remember that both of the kits are considered to be ‘mini’ by nature, meaning that they create smaller items and lack character models. The lack of character models may be a deal breaker to some, but it probably will not be a major issue for those that just want to run around the house with two ships locked in mortal combat. Still, there are probably those that would not have minded starting the chase back on Kamino with the duel between Jango Fett and Obi Wan Kenobi. Alternatively, the lack of detailed and specific characters can allow greater freedom when it comes to the outcome, because every die hard Star Wars fan knows that Jango Fett would never leave Geonosis alive.

Both the Slave I and Jedi Starfighter are small but still reasonably accurate to their movie and cartoon counterparts. Areas of particular accuracy worthy of note are the color matching on both spaceships and articulated wings of the Slave I. As an added bonus, collect the LEGO Star Wars kits 4484-4487 and one will have enough pieces to build a special edition LEGO TIE Bomber, which is also a mini-class vehicle.

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