Slave I 7144

Boba Fett, Slave I

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LEGO Slave I 7144

Any LEGO fan with a Star Wars fetish or Star Wars fan with an interest in LEGOs has to ask themselves just one question: what is cooler than a bounty hunter? IF the answer is nothing, then check out the LEGO Star Wars 7144 kit that includes the Slave I circa-Episode V. There are many different Slave I kits out there, mostly because of the unique and lengthy history of the Slave I. The mottled green, gray, and brown Slave I that comes with the LEGO Star Wars kit number 7144 is comprised of 160 plus pieces, with the remaining few pieces in the set being LEGO Star Wars figures: none other than the lethal bounty hunter LEGO Boba Fett himself and the carbonite block containing a captive LEGO Han Solo. There is no need to worry; Han Solo will be well protected inside that carbonite block.

Being comprised of over 160 LEGO blocks, the Slave I is very accurate to its famous movie counterpart, right down to the color selection. The twin articulated blaster cannons at the base, the retractable wings that deploy for greater maneuverability, the top-mounted translucent cockpit that actually works, the twin ordinance launchers that deploy mines or fire missiles, and even the huge rear engines are present.

Proper assembly of the Slave I can take some time and a little bit of patience considering the number of pieces and different color layers that give the Slave I a look akin to an old muscle car that is in mid-restore. The entire affair is the visual equivalent of Bondo on rust with a little bit of green thrown in from some Mandalorian influence. The climatic engagements between Han Solo and Boba Fett might cause Fett to describe the Slave I in much the same fashion as Solo would describe his beloved Millennium Falcon: She may not look like much, but she has it where it counts.

The LEGO Star Wars kit 7144 sure has it where it counts as well, and those with the skill and patience to assemble the Slave I will be able to enjoy countless hours imagining themselves taking part in the events of Star Wars Episode V or even portions of the Star Wars saga that took place between Episode V and VI. Just remember: No disintegrations! Lord Vader likes to have prisoners.

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